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Canadian Entrepreneur

Shelley Cromie, a fifty-year old single mother, has been running her healing business in Gibson’s Landing, B.C. since March 7th, 2008. Khuya Healing Supplies, Support and Services not only specializes in Intuit Massage, Reiki, and Kinesiology, but contains a retail space where natural health supplies are sold. Shelley’s business also functions as a community hub where a women’s circle meets monthly and locals can come in search of education and life guidance.

Shelley is asking for an $8000 loan that will be divided between two projects. The first $6000 would be used to bring in guest speakers, healers, and teachers to run community workshops. The last $2000 would go towards furthering Shelley’s education in the healing arts. Shelley plans on repaying her loan over the course of four years at $166.66 dollars per month. With this loan, Shelley hopes to achieve personal growth, thereby expanding and improving the services her business can offer to the community at large.


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